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September 10, 2018

Currently I am channeling some serious Elle Woods vibes

If you haven't seen the second Legally Blonde movie then I will quickly catch you up
Elle has her beloved chihuahua, Bruiser, and she decides one day to track down his mother
She discovers that Bruisers mother is being used for beauty 
product testing which of course infuriates her
This inspires her to begin a battle on behalf of all animals in testing facilities

Being someone who loves all things beauty and all animals, you 
would think this is something I would have paid closer attention to before now

But a couple of days ago I came across this tweet:

Obviously this caught my attention and at first made me happy
But then I thought of the obvious, Animal Testing was a real and relevant problem

For some reason it is something that I never considered 
being such a huge problem, BUT IT REALLY IS 

So of course I dumped all of my makeup, skincare, hair care products 
out in front of me, and turned to the internet

What I discovered was so much more complex than just "cruelty free" and "not cruelty free"
There is so much gray area - brands whose parent companies test their products on animals even if that specific branch does not, brands that are very vague with their policies, brands that don't test the finished product but do test individual much confusion!! 

SO I will make a few lists

List 1 - Completely cruelty free brands
Mario Badescu
Anastasia Beverly Hills

List 2 - Brands whose parent companies allow animal testing, but their specific branch does NOT
Urban Decay
Too Faced

List 3 - Brands that test on animals and/or use loopholes/are vague with policies
Estee Lauder

This made me SO SAD! Some of my favorite 
brands: Neutrogena, Benefit, OGX, are NOT cruelty free.

Thankfully most of my favorite makeup brands ARE! Here are some of my 
favorite products from the brands that DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS

I am going to be much more aware of the products I am using in hopes of 
having beauty routines that do not harm ANY animals!

I am currently waiting on an order from a new skincare line - Bioclarity
I am so excited to try this new plant based, cruelty-free skincare company!

The above lists are based on products I currently own or have owned in the past. If you want
to see if your favorite products are cruelty free you can google that product or turn to this list

Now, please enjoy some adorable pictures of my favorite pup, Rider 

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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