September 16, 2018

Self-love is a huge trend right now 

In fact it has even become a movement about 
putting your happiness and well-being first

like many things, how you take this is up for interpretation
and you can go about this in several different ways

my journey to being more self-loving has been about bettering
myself as a person, both physically and mentally

here are some of the steps i have implemented in my life for the bettering of myself

1. disregarding others opinions 
this is definitely one of those "easier said than done" things, but it is something i know i need to do in order to improve my mental health, and it is still a work in progress. I have always been a worrier, worried about what other people would say or think about my decisions, but i have realized that no matter how hard i try, i cant please everyone. at times i have even gone has far to compromise my own happiness to make sure i don't hurt other peoples feelings, even though those people would never do the same for me. i have come to the conclusion that there are a select group of people whose opinions i should value, and they will support whatever decisions i make, and the rest must simply be tossed to the side, not affecting my own happiness.

2. spending time with God everyday
obviously there are days that do not allow you to enjoy a good amount of peace and quiet with your bible, but on the days that do, i spend my time with God reading devotionals, writing out my prayers, and studying random parts of the bible (probably like most girls I am partial to Psalm & Proverbs) My current devotionals include Jesus Always by Sarah Young and I also receive devotionals straight to my email via Blessed is She. I like to physically write out my prayers because 1 - weirdo me just likes to hand write things, 2 - it helps me reflect on them more. I also like to look up verse for specific things I am struggling with at that time. This has been so important for having a more positive outlook on life.

3. yoga
although i haven't been hitting the gym as much as i used to, i still like to stay active. my go to is usually cardio at the gym, but when i cant make it i have a couple of different workout apps on my phone that i use keep my muscles toned (abs and booty are my fave) but i have recently made it a point to do a yoga session as often as possible (i would say daily but if I'm being honest it does not happen everyday, though it should) it has been a great addition to my physical activity. my two favorite yoga apps are: 1: "Simply Yoga" - this is a completely free app that lets you choose a time interval and goes through a basic yoga session, 2: "BetterMe: Yoga" - this app is free but it does require a subscription ($9.99/month) but it has 30 day, targeted programs such as Stress Relief, Better Sleep, Fat Burning, and even pregnancy (NOT that i need that last one i just thought it was neat) as cliche as it is yoga has really been a good time for me to slow down, calm down, and relieve some stress. it has allowed me to stay active while putting me in a good mental state. 

4. reading 
i have always loved reading but as I've gotten older it has really become an escape, though with college it hasn't been as easy to read for fun. the last couple years i have only read a couple handfuls of books, whereas i used to go though a handful a month. i am now making it a goal to always be reading a book, even if i just read a couple pages before bed, it is something that i enjoy so much so why not make it a priority? in the past some of my favorites have been Harry Potter and anything by Nicholas Sparks, but lately i have been obsessed with psychological thrillers (watch for a book review coming soon)

5. listening to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis
like I'm not a big enough nerd with my books and the desire to one day have my own library, i have now started listening to podcasts. this specific one is my favorite though. If you don't know who Rachel Hollis is then just google her name. She has developed a whole community of people who are aiming to live their best life. She has a website and books and this podcast, all centered around her sometimes raw but true ways to living your best life. This woman is amazing with words and has a way of making you think and relate your life to her words. I first heard of her when I was recommended her book Girl, Wash Your Face, which I have yet to get but it has been recommended to me by several people who have read it and loved it. Listening to this puts me in such a "girlboss" mood and i think everyone should hear it!

Obviously some of these steps are a little more serious than others, but they still all 
contribute to my journey to being a more positive and healthy person for myself

Our own health and happiness is so important

what is something you do to show yourself some love?

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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