Wine Festival 2018

September 2, 2018

I got to Germany at the perfect time, right at the beginning of Festival Season!

The first weekend I was here we went to Pig Fest but I was so overwhelmed with 
the excitement of being in a new country I hardly took any pictures. (plus it was all
about hot dogs or "bratwurst"...yuck) - still fun though

But this past weekend there was a WINE FESTIVAL
and in my opinion there could be no better festival
I have been so excited about this!

The Wine festival of Middle-Moselle is held in the beautiful town of Bernkastel
This town is often referred to as "the heart of the middle mosel" because it is located right in the middle of one of Germany's thirteen Wine Regions, the Mosel Valley

This region is best known for its Riesling - a delicious, sweet white wine
Also, banana & nutella crepes are a huge thing over here and I am loving it!!

Something so special about this festival and where it is held is
the beautiful castle ruins that over look the city - The Landshut Castle Ruins

Within the ruins of this castle is an amazing restaurant 
where we got to eat - that's right, DINNER in a CASTLE
and it was delicious! 
vegetarian lasagna *insert drooling emoji*

While the food was amazing, it was not even the best part - the view
 of the city from the castle was absolutely breathtaking!

this last picture was taken after dinner when 
we climbed to the very top of the castle tower

It was such an amazing experience 
and I am loving checking things off of my bucket list!
Could you imagine a better way to spend a long weekend?

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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