five podcasts you need to listen to

October 17, 2018

So lets talk about podcasts

Used to, when I would hear the word I thought of a modern version 
of the political radio shows my father used to listen to in the car - no fun

While there are many podcasts like that there are also some seriously
entertaining and inspiring podcasts that I truly enjoy listening to

I discovered this because one of my favorite women in the
whole world, Sadie Robertson, came out with one a little over a month ago

So I wanted to talk about podcasts because they are my new "thing" I 
enjoy when I need some me time

While Alec is at work I tend to totally veg out and read entire 
books or binge watch Netflix 

The last couple of weeks though I have forced myself to turn the TV 
off, turn my phone on do not disturb, and listen to a good podcast 

I like to make myself some coffee, go to a different 
part of the house, and take notes in my journal

All of the podcasts I listen to are about living your best life, staying motivated,
healthy habits, positivity, and self-love - and I want to share with you my favorite ones

1. Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis - I have talked about this one before,
Rachel Hollis is the Author of the new trending book "Girl, Wash Your Face".
When I think about her podcast I think about goal setting and real life
experiences. She even has episodes where she reads from chapters of her book,
so if you're like  me and have yet to order it, this will give you an exciting
sneak peak on what you're in for and why this book is so popular!

2. The "WHOA That's Good" Podcast with Sadie Robertson - Sadie has always
been such an amazing girl to relate to. Her podcast is centered around one
question, "What is the best advice you have ever been given?". She brings in
guests that she has always found inspirational, like famous authors and athletes,
and asks them all this question, and the results can be seriously amazing! And my
favorite part is at the end she always shares a short phone call with her momma
and it is sure to make you want to call up yours and have
just a fun conversation with her.

3. Style Your Mind Podcast with Cara Alwill Leyba - This podcast has
become my new  favorite, in fact I listened to it today. When I think of this
 podcast I think of conquering. life. Cara speaks with so much sass and
confidence about how to design your thoughts so that you can be the best
version of yourself. With the recent life changes I have had, this podcast has
 everything I need to hear and everything I didn't even know I needed
to hear! It is perfect for us girls in our 20's, going through college and not really
knowingwhat we want to do with our lives yet, but it is also good
for just anyone who needs some serious empowerment.

4. Lets Discuss Podcast with Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice Welburn - First of
all I love listening to this podcast because these two girls have the most 
precious accents. Lets discuss literally feels like you are having lunch with your
two best friends. Their topics include so much,from life to love to health, but
the tone is so light, leaving you in such a good head-space.

5. The Daily Boost with Scott Smith - With the recommendation to this podcast
I amalso going to include a warning, this man can ramble and he cracks a lot
of really bad dad jokes, BUT his podcasts are usually about ten minutes long
and the last 5-6 minutes are very insightful and leave me feeling motivated.
I usually put this podcast on while I am in the shower.

All of these podcasts can be found on the Apple Podcast App so I seriously
encourage you to go listen to at least ONE episode of one of the podcasts on your
next drive to work or during a run, I truly believe you will thank me later ;)

If you do go listen to one let me know what you think OR if you too have 
fallen into the habit of listening to podcasts and you have a favorite, let me
know what it is, i am always down to listen to something new!

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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