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October 29, 2018

This is the first no makeup, non-edited picture I
have taken/posted I don't even know how long

With pageant makeup, traveling, stress and everything in between
 my skin has been so unhealthy over the last year and a half

Constant breakouts, milia, redness, oiliness, and large pores

I was totally embarrassed about my bare skin

I think most my age can agree - we thought the
whole breakout thing was over after we went through
puberty and crazy teenage hormones, but i swear my
skin had been worse than it was in high school

Like most of us I went from product to product, desperate
for one of them to magically fix my skin

But I have finally gotten into a routine that has
made me excited not to wear makeup!

It includes more than just one "perfect product" though
and I am excited to share all the products that
I truly believe have saved my skin!

↦ First I needed an everyday basic care routine

I discovered Bioclarity products and instantly fell in love!

These products are all-natural, vegan, and cruelty free

Within a week of using them my skin improved ten-fold!

I use the Clear Skin system
It includes a cleanser, a spot treatment, and a restorative serum

I use all three products twice a day - in the morning and before bed

It has tremendously reduced my breakouts and
always leaves my skin feeling clean and so soft

↦ Every girl needs a good face mask

And this is my favorite one EVER
This pore purifying face mask is also from Bioclarity 

This mask cleans out your pores, tones your skin,
corrects redness, and leaves skin glowing!

I use this once, sometimes twice a week 
before my nightly cleansing.

↦ Next is a good moisturizer

I tend to have oily skin but since it is
winter, a good moisturizer is essential
I put this on before I put on makeup, or before I go out
with a bare face because it is already so. cold. here 

I like this specific moisturizer because of its 
consistency - not too thin, not too thick

It also has Vitamin C which aids
 in collagen production 

Plus I have had this bottle for almost six months
and there is still so much! 

↦ Now this is my favorite part of my skin routine

I was introduced to this little tool by my sweet friend Charlene
(she runs an awesome beauty blog called 
First Aid Physique that everyone should follow)

She hosted a giveaway and I won what is now
my all time favorite skin-care ritual
This little guy is so useful and so effective!
It dramatically changed the texture of my skin 
You can get one for under 30$ here

Benefits include: decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliates
and rejuvenates skin, promotes cell regeneration, and it even
helps to increase the effectiveness of topical skincare products.

I spritz my face with this before gently rolling
my dermaroller in different directions across my skin
I do this two-three times a week

 *p.s. it leaves skin slightly red for a few minutes 
after using but this is normal

↦ Finally, the last product that has saved my skin

Collagen Capsules
I take two of these in the morning with my other daily vitamins

Collagen is a protein that has soo many benefits not only
for your skin but for overall health

Benefits for your skin include: reduced signs of aging, 
hydration, rejuvenation.

It is also good for relieving joint pain 
and strengthening hair and nails

I get these an all my other
daily vitamins from GNC

Having a good skin-care routine is necessary, especially with 
winter coming up. I am so glad I finally discovered a good 
one and I have now become religious about it.

Do you have any products you swear by?
I always love trying out new products so let me know in the comments

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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