Takeaways: Girl Wash Your Face

November 18, 2018

In GWYF the incredible Rachel Hollis names 20 lies that 
we women tend to (consciously or subconsciously) tell ourselves 

She takes those lies and explains just how wrong they
are and how she managed to overcome them
She does this using humor, witt, and 
sass - making it so easy to relate to

Through this book she has made me feel as though 
I know her personally and we are close friends 

I don't want to spoil anything but even if you read
this post, you should still read the book for yourself
because there are so many valuable lessons to learn from it

My original plan for this post was to expand on some of the points that 
she made. To explain in my own words why i thought they were 
important, but truthfully every point that I have drawn out 
of the book is written so perfectly! She writes so 
matter-of-factly, making it impossible to put it into better words.

but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite
lessons, quotes, and excerpts from the book that
I related to the most while I was reading because
they are all things I truly NEEDED to hear. 
My super favorites will be highlighted in purple

So here are my takeaways from Girl, Wash Your Face

"Comparison is the death of joy, the only
person you need to be better than
is the one you were yesterday"

"You are in charge of your own life, sister, and
there's not one thing in it that you're not
allowing to be there"

"Our words have power, but our
actions shape our lives"

"Work just as hard for fun moments, vacation
moments, and pee-your-pants-laughing moments
as you do for all the other things"

"Why do we say hello on Sunday mornings with
the same tongue we use to lash others behind
their backs four days later"

"People will treat you with as little or as
much respect as you allow them to"

"If you never allow your fears out, then how
in the world can you disseminate them?"

"Maybe you have to walk through this space you're in
to be ready for that. Nothing is wasted. Every single moment
is preparing you for the next. But whether or not you choose
to see this time as something wonderful - the time when God is
stretching you and growing you or maybe forging you in fires
hotter than you think you can withstand - all of it is growing
you for the person you're becoming, for a future you cant even imagine"

'That is what it all boils down to: faith. the 
belief that your life will unfold as it was meant
to, even when it unfolds into something
painful and difficult to navigate"

"God has perfect timing, and its highly possible
that by not being where you thought you should
be, you will end up exactly where you're meant to go"

"You cant blame the past for the things that went
wrong if you aren't also willing to be thankful
 for the things that went right."

"Do you really thing God made you - uniquely,
wonderful you - in hopes you would deny your
true self because it might be off-putting to others?
I cant believe that's true"

"There are hundreds of ways to lose yourself,
but the easiest of them all is refusing to acknowledge
who you truly are in the first place"

"...because I think my ability to imagine my
dreams in intricate detail is one of the biggest 
reasons I've been able to achieve them"

This woman just tells it like it is and boy can she write
I mean seriously, tell me I'm wrong?

I hope this post will convince you to read 
this amazing book! Once you've read it, or if you
already have read it, I would love to hear your
thoughts as well and see your favorite experts from the book!

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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