Top 3 favorite books of all time

November 14, 2018

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

I know, I know - having a favorite Nicholas Sparks book is totally cliche.
But this book is unlike any of his other books, in my opinion. Yes, it is
sappy and romantic but the overall plot is breathtaking. It truly made me
cry big tears. I don't know how it has not been made into a movie. If you're
looking for a light-hearted, happy read then this book is perfect!

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

If you haven't read this series yet then you must live under a rock - and
no, watching the movies does not count. These books are written with such
intricate detail, its really amazing. Even if fantasy settings aren't your thing
the way these books are written make it all seem so real. The characters are
so well developed its hard not to become invested in their lives. I've re-read
this series a few times and I get lost in the stories every time.

The Shack by William Paul Young

This book is a true game changer. It is a book that follows a
grieving father who, since losing his youngest child, is struggling with his
relationship with God. Young manages to portray God and his teachings
in the most relatable way I have ever known! Plus (and I don't say this lightly)
the movie is just as good as the book. I haven't read this book in a while, but the
movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. After experiencing the tragedy of
losing a loved one and questioning my relationship with God it took on a whole
new meaning. If you have experienced this as well I would definitely recommend
reading this book and watching this movie, it hits on some seriously
raw emotions, but it really is an amazing story.

love always, kayla jordan ❣


  1. Love this post! I just added 'The Wedding' to my reading list :)

  2. If you don’t have a favorite Nicholas Sparks book you don’t have a romantic bone in your body. A total classic!
    Jordan |