A guide to shopping for an incredible mother

December 2, 2018

Happy December, friends!

I am so excited I can finally be over-excited 
about Christmas with absolutely no shame!!

Today I wanted to talk about mommas - mine 
is my number one bestie girl for life

If you're lucky, like I am, your momma probably
goes above and beyond for you 24/7, 365

Heck, I live 4500 miles away in a different country
and my mom still goes out of her way to help me with everything!

So when it comes to Holidays, shopping for such an
amazing mom can be so. hard. I mean, I know
my mom deserves a mansion on a private island and
 a brand new Infinity convertible in her drive way.

Now I know I cant afford that but if you can, well
then give me a call because I'm doing life wrong.

So I decided to put together a gift guide
for those of you who need to show your
amazing mom just how much you appreciate
her this Christmas season!

Several of these gifts are already mom approved ✓ 
because I have included some exact items I have
gotten for my mom in years past


birth stone rings with you & your siblings birth months
the chunky stacked ringmom approved ✓ 
locket charm necklacemom approved ✓ 
& my mom is always in need of a new pair of everyday earrings


All of these items are from Marley Lilly! Y'all I know this was so
popular a few years ago but I am still a huge fan and so is my momma!

I got my mom these exact gloves last year and she loved them - mom approved ✓ 
there are several styles in this floppy beach hatmom approved ✓ 

Picture Keepsakes
I mean honestly, slap a picture of you, your siblings, or your pets
on just about anything and all moms are guaranteed to love it!

All of these gifts are from Snapfish and they are so reasonably
priced, plus there are always great sales & if you do
enough hunting you can usually find a coupon code!

Bath and Body Works
Literally everything on this list is - mom approved ✓ 

I mean mom or not, who doesn't love Bath and Body Works?!?

I personally love of all of the scents pictured as well!

Stocking Stuffers
more items that you just can't go wrong with!

I think my moms stocking consists of these
same exact things every. year. but I mean
don't fix it if its not broken, amirite?

all of these stocking stuffers are 100% - mom approved ✓ 

let me know if you have any fail-proof, mom approved ✓  gift ideas!

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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