Cruelty-free products update

December 16, 2018

A couple of months ago I talked about how I discovered some of
my all time favorite beauty products were not cruelty-free
(you can read that post here if you missed it)

So for the past couple of months I have been switching
all of my products so that I am only using cruelty free brands

I hate to say it, but this is harder than I expected
not that that stopped me...

But when I realized this was something I wanted to
do I wasn't thinking of the expense!

Thankfully, a good handful of the brands I was
already using were cruelty-free

But the ones that were not, were harder to replace than I expected

It had been months since I had experimented with new makeup or
haircare brands, and a lot of time there is quite a bit of trial and error

testing products and not liking them, it can be frustrating to
spend so much money with no results

Luckily I have finally replaced a majority of my everyday brands
with cruelty-free products that I love and I want to share them with you!

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation
This is such a great every day foundation and it lasts
literally all. day. its super light weight but also builds well
if you're going for heavier coverage
I swear shade light ivory

This is another amazing every day product! Its
moisturizing and adds a hint of color to your lips
Pictured are shades "Papa don't peach" & "Peachsicle"
I have both but "Papa don't peach" is my favorite"!

I really think both of these shades would be great
on any skin tone! This is the "peachy glow" duo

While I don't use setting powder daily, I like
to have it for when I get all dolled up and go for 
a heavier coverage. This is my new favorite to have on hand!

For the longest time I kept re-buying the Aloe, Cucumber, and
Green Tea spray, but they had a sale on the three pack and now
I'm just as obsessed with all three of these! I use them morning
and night as a toner, always switching up which one I use
depending on what my skin needs at the moment

Y'all this is my new favorite product!! I have only had this for a
week and I've used it twice! It makes my skin feel sooo clean and soft!
Seriously in love with this product and I will definitely be trying
more items from this brand

This stuff has been a saving grace for my hair. I have thin hair
so it gets oily very easy and has close to no natural volume.
This duo actually gives me volume even when I let my hair
air dry & it really controls the oil, I am finally able to go
four days without washing my hair which I have been trying
to do for so long!

These are serious must have items and I have fallen in love
with these from the Not Your Mothers Brand!
I like to switch between the "beach babe" & "clean freak"
dry shampoo so that my hair doesn't get too used to one

Like I said, finding these products has taken a lot of trial
and error, searching for the right products to fit my skin type!

I am still on the hunt for a few products from cruelty-free
brands: primer, mascara, bronzer, and a heavy moisturizer!
I am so picky about my mascara so this one is super hard!

Have any suggestions for me to try?
 Drop them in the comments below!

🌟 P.S. All of these products can be found at Ulta!
🌟🌟P.P.S. I have a giveaway running on my instagram with a few 
of my girls for a $100 Ulta gift card! So go enter and try some
of these items out for yourself!

love always, kayla jordan

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