Early Christmas Present Haul

December 4, 2018

Merry Early Christmas to meeeee!!

Y'all I am way too excited right now!!!

Since I will not get to go home for Christmas this year
my daddy had me make an Amazon wish list with
things I wanted

With the wish list he was able to see exactly what
I wanted in all the right sizes and colors and then
send them directly to me in Germany!

I would recommend doing this for anyone who has 
family or friends that live far away, its so convenient!

But I guess he got a little excited and decided
to order a few things early and send them to me

Needless to say I was over the moon excited to get
some early Christmas gifts!!

I wanted to share all of these with you for a few reasons:

1. they are all reasonably affordable

2. they are all Amazon Prime eligible so they
are great for last minute gifts

3. they are great for any girl in your life - roomie,
bestie, girlfriend, sister, etc.

Only $15.95 and available in several colors!
I already have two daily devotional books by her
and they are all incredible. What I didn't realize is
that she has several different versions all centered
around a different topic, this one is about hope

You can never have too many pairs
of knit boot socks. I don't care how cliche it
is I love getting socks for Christmas! There
is also a funny story behind why I needed
new socks for Christmas this year and I talk
about it over on my insta stories!
This is the item you didn't know you needed.
I was so stinkin excited about this!!
This would be a great stocking stuffer, also.

Single cup blenders always help me stay
so motivated to eat healthy..why? No idea. I guess
because I love smoothies and had one daily for
a meal replacement when I was on a vegetarian diet.
I am so excited to break this new baby in!

Ok. But seriously, how awesome are these!?!
I am so. in. love!! They come in silver, pink,
gold, and black and the are so comfy and cozy. 

Hope you enjoy these Amazon picks!

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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