My Winter Must Haves: basic white girl edition

December 10, 2018

Winter has officially arrived my friends!

I know back in Tennessee there is snow covering
the ground - how crazy!!

& here in Germany we have snow in the forecast
(ill be doing my snow dance every night
for the next week)

As the temperature drops I realize I have
 four key winter pieces I am super thankful for
that I want to share with y'all

All four of these winter staples keep me
warm and cozy, and can be dressed up or dressed down

Each one is so versatile and comes in an
endless amount of styles and colors!

First are my CC Beanies!

I have quite the collection of these babies, including
several statement colors and the necessary neutral colors

They come in literally every color imaginable and
go with anything and everything

of course I get all of mine from TDR - they have sooo many colors
in the regular beanies and the ponytail beanies. They also have
some with the poms on top AND kids styles!

and like most other things you can also find them on Amazon!

Second is my Patagonia re-tool snap-T pullover

I usually end up wearing this a couple time a week
either over my main outfit or even as my main outfit

It is my favorite because it has pockets where
some of the Patagonia pullovers don't

I am going on my second season with mine and
it is still like brand new!

I also love the Quilted Pullover and will
probably add one to my wardrobe here soon!

Next are my CC Knit Gloves

I got mine I think two winters ago
and they are still in perfect shape

Plus now CC has come out with a billion
new colors and designs just like with the beanies!

They even have the ones with the smart tips
to use with your phones

Finally, UGG BOOTS

Pretty much the most basic white girl piece of all
but - who cares?!?!

My uggs are so comfy and so convenient

They are super easy to throw on to guarantee
my feet will stay warm all day

Of course I have the ones with the bow accent on the back
and they are guaranteed to add a girly touch to any outfit

Have a winter staple you couldn't survive without!?
Share the warmth & drop it below

love always, kayla jordan ❣

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