November Book Review

December 5, 2018

Have y'all ever read a book that you loved so much, you
didn't want to start reading a new one because there's no way
it could be as good as the one you just finished?

That's how all. three. of these books were

In fact, I had a fourth book on my November reading list
but the last one I read was SO good, I couldn't make myself start it

Seriously, these three books are incredible and
I am so excited to share them with you!

1. Imposters by Scott Westerfeld

I wont lie, it took me a few chapters to really get into this book. It
is a futuristic, dystopian book - not my normal read, but I ended up loving it.
This book follows Frey, twin sister to Rafi - they were both created more
so than born to a powerful first family. Rafi is the adored face of the city her
father rules; and Frey is Rafi's protector, her existence unknown to all but a
select few. Frey lives her life in secret hallways and separate rooms, only to come
out when she is ordered to pose as her sister in dangerous situations. Freedom is
foreign to her, but when her father makes a deal with another first family, Frey
gets a taste of freedom for the very first time and takes full advantage of it. 
This book is action packed and has a sweet romance within the story line. After
finishing the book (which has a cliffhanger ending) I did some research on it
only to find out there is a whole series of four that preface this story - but you do
not have to read them to understand this book. This book is the first of Westerfelds
newest series of four - each to come out in September of 2019, 2020, and 2021.
I am already anticipating the next book!

2. Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

As always I loved this thrilling novel by B.A. Paris, although I must say it
was nothing like I expected it to be. This book follows newly weds Jack and Grace -
an all too perfect couple, or so it looks to be that way from the outside. As you read on
you quickly learn that there is something very off between the two. Another one of the
 main characters is Millie - Grace's sister who has down syndrome, so if you know me
you know that this instantly made me very interested but defensive of her
character. This books builds slowly, but in the best way because you're always so
anxious for something to happen. It fools you in the beginning by making you
believe that everything is calm and perfect, but then it really throws you for a loop
when it reveals the many crazy truths. It flips between present and past, never
sparing a detail about the couple and their relationship and it really makes
you bond with Grace - like you're experiencing everything with her! I would definitely
recommend reading this book on a snow day because it keeps you engaged and you
will want to read through the whole thing without putting it down!

3. Defending Jacob by William Landay

I bought this book for a change of pace from my usual creepy psychological
thrillers. It follows the Barber family, narrated as though the father himself
is the one writing the novel, which makes for an interesting take on the plot of the
story. The father, Andy, is the assistant district attorney in his small town. He lives
a simple and happy life with his wife and 14-year-old son, Jacob. But his happy life falls
 to shambles at his feet when a murder scene rocks the town and it is none other than
his own son who is accused. Suddenly he is thrown into defending his own son against
the whole world, who believes Jacob is guilty, without a shadow of a doubt. I became so
invested, along with the parents, in finding out who the real murderer was. With all the
evidence pointing to Jacob even his parents found it hard to believe he was innocent.
The best part about this book was the shocking, gut-punch of an ending. Jacobs trial
ends in a way I never would have believed, in fact, I was kinda disappointed because
I thought it was the end of the book. But that's when you get thrown for a loop. My jaw
literally dropped and remained hanging open very dramatically for the last three
chapters of the book! In psychological thrillers you expect a twist ending, but I
didn't see it coming in this book which makes it all the more twisted. Definitely a
must read. Easily makes its way into my top ten favorite books of all time!

Have any suggestions for me to add to my reading list?
Drop it in the comments!

love always, kayla jordan ❣


  1. Oooh I can't wait to pick one of these up to read over my winter break!!

  2. I love psychological thrillers too! Behind Closed Doors was one of the most captivating books I've ever read, it just kept me glued to the page.