my #tenyearchallenge

January 21, 2019

Happy Monday, friends!

I have a three day weekend, aren't those the best!?

I have been loving the #tenyearchallenge everyone has been posting recently!

Here is part of about a serious transformation, am i right!?

I have gone back and forth about posting  because I just could not decide on only two pictures

As a picture hoarder, this was a very difficult decision for me to make, so instead
of just two pictures I thought it would be fun to do a collective #tenyearchallenge blog post!

I did realize that I don't have any pictures from 2009 so mine will be starting in early 2010!

It was so much fun going through all of my pictures  from the past ten years
and I even noticed a couple of trends

Pageants, cheerleading (which I know comes as no surprise),
 and oddly with my little brother!!

so...lets get started!

enjoy my transformation...and don't judge haha!


the first pageant i ever won!
meet...the little brother


8th grade cheerleading...hahahahaha
clearly this was our favorite pose
freshman year cheer picture

this was the year i learned how to take a decent picture lol
sophomore year cheer picture
junior year cheer camp

i wanted to include this next picture because this was
the exact day that I met Alec thanks to this friend
of mine for pulling me out of my comfort zone!
Alec and I do have a picture from when we first met
but we will save that for another day ;)

 this was the start of my senior year so
i have endless pictures for 2015 and 2016,
but I will only include a few that are on trend

Miss Cumberland County

I was crowned my high school's Sweetheart!
my favorite senior picture
UCA High School Nationals
this was also the year I started the
best job ever! UCA Staff
I was crowned Claiborne County
Fairest of the Fair!


Year two with the best job ever!
the year I was crowned Miss Tennessee!!

The best job ever brought me some amazing friends
and several trips to DISNEY!
I comnpeted at the national level and made top 15!
I left the states for the first time to move to Germany!


Now it is 2019 and I am settled and living
in Germany...woah! Isn't it crazy how much changes in ten years?

11 year-old me never would have imagined I would be living in another country with 
such a hunky guy that I met at 16 ;)

I am so excited to see what is in store for me in the next ten years!

How crazy is your #tenyearchallenge?

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