Travel Recap: Disneyland Paris

March 20, 2019

Two weeks ago we spent a weekend in
Disneyland Paris and of course, it was magical!!

I am so excited to share this trip with you all!

prendre plaisir!

No matter what Disney Park you are at in the world I will always recommend staying on property!
You may pay a little more but it is so worth the convenience of being right near everything. 

Disneyland Hotel: something so unique about the Paris park is that the main Disneyland Hotel also doubles as the entrance to the "Castle Park". Granted this place is very pricey, you literally cant 
get any closer and it is stunning inside and out!

Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel: this is where we stayed and it was wonderful! It is medieval themed on the inside and like any Disney hotel, it lacks no details! It was also super affordable
and nothing beats having a shuttle to take you where ever you need to go - my favorite part about staying on property!

Since we live in Europe we weren't exactly craving foreign cuisine and most of the 
food is "American style" anyways

Cafe Hyperion: located within Discoveryland of the "Castle Park" it is one of the typical quick service restaurants with yummy food! (try the cheese sticks)

Casey's Corner: located on Main Street in the "Castle Park" and has a variety of foot-long hot dogs!

Planet Hollywood: This has always been one of my favorite places to eat at any Disney park so I was super excited they had one here! I had some amazing shrimp fajitas.

Annette's Diner: we ate breakfast here the last morning and it was so yummy!
 It is styled like a typical 50's diner 

Earl of Sandwich: A great place to grab some warm, yummy, affordable food...and fast!

Five Guys: Y'all, I know, they're everywhere in the states, but we got 
SO. EXCITED. about Five Guys!

There are several more restaurants I would recommend within Disney Village including: Rainforest Cafe, Cafe Mickey, and Vapiano (which I talk about in my Innsbruck Recap)

Disneyland Paris App: another thing I recommend for any Disney park that you are at! This helps you see where you are in real time, where attractions, shows, restaurants, and restrooms are located. It also shows you updated wait times for rides all across the park!

Portable Battery Pack: even if you walk into the park with a fully charged battery, you will need to recharge within the day! There are too many things to take pictures of and the app tends
to run your battery down a little quicker.

Mickey Ears: this is a total no brainer!! There is a pair out there for everyone and you cant leave without a pair that represents your personality and favorite part of Disney!

Souvenirs: another no brainer, but remember to keep it practical. It is super easy to waste money on things you will never use or want later. Personally, every time I visit Disney I leave with a new t-shirt
or sweatshirt and a coffee mug! Pay attention to what you like to collect and use, you will most likely find a Disney version to take home! (oh and don't forget some small things for your fam & friends)

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: the Paris version of 
the beloved Disney classic - Space Mountain

Liberty Arcade: A secret passage way behind each side of Main Street USA that provides back doors
into all the shops and restaurants. Perfect for if its raining or avoiding crowds!

Alice's Curious Labyrinth: unique to Disneyland Paris, this is an Alice in Wonderland themed maze leading to a tower that has an amazing view of the entire park! 
Such a fun and detailed attraction!

Pirate Galleon: a super detailed Pirates of the Caribbean land where you can see Jack Sparrow himself and climb into the inside of Skull Rock!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle: This castle is so interactive! You can walk through it and there is art everywhere, plus you can walk out to a balcony for another great view of the park. Not only that, underneath the castle is non other than Maleficent in her dragon form!

You also have to visit the sweets stand in Disney Village! It has chocolate covered everything and its where I found MACAROONS. Not only were there tasty, normal shaped Macaroons, this is
where I found the iconic Mickey shaped Macaroons!

Anything I missed that you ant to know about my trip? 
Comment below!

Also, keep an eye out for a post comparing Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World in Florida!