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April 30, 2019

I am so excited to share one of my favorite brands with you all!

Ivory Paper Company is a planner line that has literally the most beautiful and functional planners ever! This coming from a planner addict, btw.

They just launched their spring line today and I am IN LOVE! It was so hard deciding which of their 17 brand new covers I wanted next.

If you live a crazy busy lifestyle like me, you NEED one of these planners.

Ivory Paper Planners are six month planners featuring a monthly, weekly, and daily spread, providing you with so much room to write down every detail and (if you're like me) even decorate a bit ;)

Here is a picture of my current monthly spread. I am so excited for May! As you can see I don't have too much planned except VISITING ROCKY TOP! But seriously, how awesome is this first spread? Big boxes to write all the stuff in, plus each month features a different inspirational quote in the top right corner!

Next is the weekly spread, which is my personal favorite and the one I use the most. This is where I keep track of work happenings, appointments, school assignments, blog work, and workouts! It also features note sections, a "goals" box, a "remember" box, and a "gratitude" box - how adorable is that!?

And of course we have the daily spread. This is what I think makes this planner so unique. It has a whole bunch of room to write out your entire to-do list for the day and even has a  time marked schedule! Another super cute touch - the food log!!!

Their brand also has adorable sticker packs to help you make your planner cute and fun!

Today - April 30, 2019 - they just launched their brand new spring collection featuring SEVENTEEN new covers! and if you order this week they are going to throw in all kinds of fun, planner related goodies! (eeeeeekk!)

I would recommend ordering this week regardless (asap actually) because they are going
to sell out super quick and you want to be the first to get yours. (and of course the free goodies, duh)

The new line is for the months of July-December 2019, but for five extra bucks they will add the months of May and June as well, meaning you can use it as soon as you get it in the mail!

SUPER PLUS - they have given me a code so that all my friends can get a small discount
when they buy an Ivory Paper Planner! the code is "Kayla" So now you literally have no excuse not to go get one!

I just ordered the "Pink & Lavender Speckles" one and I am SO excited to get it - i also added the months of May and June!

also, go follow them on instagram!

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