Gift Guide for the Book Nerd

November 8, 2019

Happy Holiday Season my friends!! I am so excited to start celebrating my favorite holiday, which includes shopping for the perfect gifts for all of my favorite people! Starting with this Gift Guide, I will be posting a new themed Gift Guide every Friday until the Friday before Christmas. I hope these can be helpful! Enjoy!

Gift Cards
The best thing about books is you can get them anywhere. Some of my favorite places to shop for books include Barnes & Noble and Amazon. There is also, Books A Million.
I know not everyone is like me through, so make sure you know if your book lover reads on an electronic device. If so, there are also gift cards for those! Ex. Kindle & Nook

Custom Bookmarks
For the traditional book lovers out there, like me, I refuse to "dog ear" my book pages. ugh, just the thought makes me cringe! So I love personalized bookmarks. This leather one (HALF OFF RIGHT NOW) is super minimalistic and perfect for guys or gals. It could even be used in college textbooks or notebooks! You could also go with a photo book mark which would be perfect for parents & grandparents who love to read.

Blue Light Glasses
For those that do read off of an electronic device, this is a great gift that they may not think to get themselves. If you don't know what these are, its a fairly new technology that is proven to help reduce eye fatigue and headaches that come as a result of being in front of a screen. You can find super affordable ones on Amazon or go all out and get them a pair from Diff Eyewear.

Know someone who drives a lot for work or school? This is a great option for them! Audible is an Amazon company offering audio books and more! It includes so many bestsellers and "Audible Originals" its perfect for those that travel a lot or those who need a new source of entertainment! You can purchase a subscription for a new customer or credits as a gift here.

There is nothing we book lovers love more than curling up with our new finds! The best way to do so (in my opinion, anyways) is in comfy clothes, with a warm blanket, coffee, and snacks! Include some of these items in your gift to your book lover and you will now doubt max out your brownie points!
Blankets one, two, or three / Fuzzy Socks

We book nerds are pretty proud of our hobby and we are not afraid to show it! A great way to do so is to deck our house out in book decor. Great examples of some gifts for this category include: pillows like this one or this one, book ends like these  or these adorable Mickey & Minnie ones! If you know their favorite books you could even go super specific with these items, ex. Harry Potter Pillows!

trust me on this one, it was made by a book nerd herself ;)

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