The Best Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in your Life

November 15, 2019

This was by far the most requested Gift Guide! I am excited to share this with you and I hope it is helpful!

MVMT // Fossil // Michael Kors

Watch Box
Hes gonna need a place to keep that nice new watch, ya know? I got Alec this personalized one for Valentines day this year and he loves it! Here are a few more that you can choose from based on your husbands style!
Personalized : One // Two // Three
Non-Personalized: One // Two // Three

Nice Shoes
Every man needs a pair of good quality, nicer shoes for the occasional fancy date night and for family events & Holidays! The first pair is a huge men's shoe trend that I am loving right now! Some of these are also pairs that my husband has and loves!
One // Two // Three

House Shoes
This might even be something that they don't realize they want, but will love once they have them. My husband has the UGG pair pictured above and he wears them nonstop, even outside of the house too!

Bluetooth Headphones

The ones I have listed here are some of my dads favorites, my husbands favorites, and a few that I love for men as well!
Armani Code // Success by Trump // Hollister SO CAL

Gamer Supplies
Now the number of things I have for this section is endless. My hubby is a huge gamer so these are all vetted through him! 

Men like to be comfy and cozy just as much (maybe even more) as we do! Getting them comfy clothing pieces is always a win.
AE Joggers: one & two // Beanies: Hershel & NEFF // Adidas Sweatshirts: one & two

Specific to your SO
While this is a generally broad gift guide, almost all of these items can be individualized to your SO's specific likes. Their favorite color, brand, movie, band, sports team, etc! Look up band or movie merch to get them something you know they will love!

Here's to crushing the Gift Giving Game for our Men this Holiday Season!

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