Quarantine Book Review 1

March 23, 2020

Well guys, I have been saying I want more time to read for enjoyment. I guess now most of us have that time! I finished the first three of these books within 48 hours. They were that good! The fourth I listened to the audio version via my Kindle App while doing some major deep cleaning. It took me about two days to listen to the whole thing. They are all available on the Amazon Kindle app which is what I used to read them. I don't normally read electronically but it is optimal under the circumstances. I hope you enjoy! 

The Safest Lies by Megan Miranda
No Megan Miranda book has ever disappointed me. She is a wonderful writer. In this psychological thriller she gives you suspense, mystery, and sweet, young love.  Kelsey is a teenager who has lived most of her life in confinement due to her paranoid mother, who was kidnapped at just 17 and escaped pregnant with Kelsey herself. Her mother hasn't left the house since and only allows Kelsey to leave for school, tracking her every step of the way. One day her monotonous routine is turned upside down when she ends up in a crazy car accident, and only a few days later her mother has disappeared. Kesley now must face all the fear her mother has instilled in her, but she is not doing it alone. Ryan Baker is by her side from the car accident to the very end of this twisty novel. But when the truth about the past is finally revealed, Kelsey is unsure about everything she has ever known.

Verity by Colleen Hoover 
This is now one of my top favorite books ever!! Hoover draws you in so quickly, making this book impossible to put down. I read it in a total of six hours! Lowen is a struggling writer who gets the chance of a lifetime when she is hired by Jeremy Crawford to finish his now crippled wife's successful book series. Lowen arrives at the Crawford home to sort through an endless number of notes and outlines to help her, when she discovers something she knows no person was ever meant to see. Verity has left behind an autobiography filled with disturbing confessions. Lowen decides to keep her discovery a secret, mostly to protect Verity's husband, who she is now falling in love with. But she quickly realizes there is something very wrong happening in the house that could threaten her newfound love, and everyone's lives. 

What You Did by Claire McGowan
WARNING: this book deals with the topic of sexual violence. I will start by being a little honest, the organization of this book is a little hard to follow, but the story line is great, so it kept me reading. It has been twenty years since Ali and her diverse group of six friends from University had all been together in one place. She had planned the perfect reunion in her posh home, where she lived with her "perfect" family. But in perfect "psychological thriller" fashion, something goes awry that evening that would change all their lives forever. To find out the truth, the book navigates through a web of lies and secrets dating all the way back to their freshman year of college. In the end, nothing is ever how or who it seems to be. 

The Other Wife by Claire McGowan
This is another book that has quite a twisty plot, it can be hard to keep up but is definitely worth the read (or in my case, listen). Suzi is pregnant, trapped, scared, and guilty. But of what? When widowed Nora moves next door to her and her all too "perfect" husband in their secluded neighborhood, she decides to confide in her. Telling her exactly what she is guilty of. But Nora seems oddly unsurprised. Almost as if she already knew. And then there is Elle. Who truly has what seems to be the most amazing life with her doctor husband, until you dig below the surface. These three are mere strangers, but their past, present, and futures are indefinitely intertwined in ways they could never imagine.

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