Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 24, 2020

Mother's Day is a mere 16 days away, people!!! If you haven't yet, it's time to get it together and get yo momma something to remind her how awesome she is! I have gathered a few ideas that have been a hit for my mom in the past to help you out!

It seems that everyone has a pair of these now, so why not get some for your mom as well!? I have had the blue light blocking technology on my prescription glasses for years and I can say that it truly does help with headaches and eye fatique. I have linked some ffordable ones from Amazon, as well as some from Diff that are a little more of a splure.
Amazon | Diff

My mother probably has the worst track record for losing sunglasses. ever. BUT she loves having nice sunglasses so every couple of years we like to spring for a new pair and see how long she can keep them for ;) I personally have had a pair of Kate Spade's for three years now and I love them!
Diff | Kate Spade | Ray-Ban

My momma loves to cook, and everybody loves her cooking (perks of being Italian, amiright?!) So if your momma is like mine, anything new for the kitchen would be a great gift. I personally love this Paula Deen Cookware Set, I have had my eye on the purple set for a while! You could also go with a new cookbook like this one by Chrissy Teigen, and this adorable cookbook display stand to go with it! I also love these non-breakable wine glasses.

Our mothers deserve to come home to all the cozy things! Soft blankets, fluffy pillows, fuzzy slippers, warm robes - if it's cozy, she'll love it!
Fuzzy RobeWaffle Print Robe | Fuzzy Slippers"Go Away I'm Reading" Pillow | Weighted Blanket | Fleece Blanket | UGG Dupe Slippers

Another thing my momma uses 24/7. Whether it's ice water or wine, she always has her drinks in tumblers! Here are some of my favorites:
AmazonCorkcicle | Personalized

Personally, I know my momma does not treat herself enough, so another easy gift is a gift card! I like to get them for mani pedis so she can have a mini spa day or her favorite clothing stores so she can go on a nice little shopping spree! Other great ideas could be to their favorite resturant, hair stylist, for massages or even a grocery store!

Lets face it, the easiest gift for a momma is anything with her babies pictures on it! Snapfish is my favorite place to shop for picture gifts. They have so many options, the quality is outstanding, and they're super affordable as well. Plus, they always have some kind of incredible sale happening! Some of my favorites are the framed canvas prints, collage blankets, phone cases, and photo books!

Happy Gifting!

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