2nd Trimester Bumpdate

May 15, 2021

14 weeks

18 weeks

we are having a boy!!!

21 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

27 weeks

As I sit writing this post I am almost 32 weeks pregnant (what!?!?) But we are here to talk about the second trimester which is weeks 14 through 28. So much happened in the second trimester that I am not even sure where to begin. SO many body changes, new symptoms, plus we found out the gender! 

Although it took a little longer than I thought, my nausea and intense food aversions finally went away and I was able to enjoy food again! I definitely started having cravings but nothing weird (no pb and pickles here). I craved (and still do) mozzarella sticks and sour candy a lot. To the point where I was getting mozzarella sticks from a restaurant on base almost every weekday!

I was able to pick up working out again. Although this was really hard at first (I worked out maybe 5 times my entire first trimester) I knew it would be good for my body and I would be thankful for it during labor and my postpartum recovery. I am so thankful to have worked with a company called Expecting and Empowered. They offer workout guides specifically for each trimester and postpartum as well. I will link their page here and you can use my code "KAYLA10" to get $10 off any of their guides! 

The biggest symptoms for me have been headaches, heartburn, and general discomfort. I would say the heartburn has been the most prominent and most annoying to deal with. Before pregnancy, I had never experienced heartburn, so it was a very weird feeling the first few times I got it, and it actually took me a bit to realize what it was. Needless to say, TUMS have been my BFF since I figured it out. 

One thing I did during the second trimester that I would recommend to literally everyone is taking a birthing class. A family member gifted me with doula services including a three-part birthing class where she walked me through every nitty-gritty detail of birth such as early labor signs, vocabulary, emergency interventions, post-partum care and so so so much more. As someone who does an insane amount of research, I thought I was fairly well prepared, but now I truly feel educated and ready for labor and birth. 

My 2nd Trimester Must-Have Items

1. Palmers Tummy Butter - It was the first pregnancy item I bought and I have been loving it!

2. Pregnancy Pillow - I mentioned this in my first-trimester bumpdate but truly I cannot sleep without this pillow.

3. Hydroflask - I have a hard time remembering to drink enough water (even pre-pregnancy), keeping this with me at all times has really helped!

4. Calvin Klein bra - this is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned and it is literally the only one I wear to support the growing sisters.

5. Fabletics Maternity Leggings - I really struggled to find maternity leggings that fit my petite frame. I have truly only grown in my belly so every pair of maternity leggings I found were too big and very unflattering. These offer the best fit and all the coverage! They pull all the way over my growing belly and do not sag in the booty. I wear my normal Fabletics size XXS.

I cannot believe that soon I will be sharing my last trimester bumpdate and welcoming my SON into this world. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

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