Most Used Baby Items: Month 1

August 3, 2021


I cannot believe Noah is already a month old! He has grown and changed so much already and my mama heart just can't handle it. 

Making our registry I felt so lost, even with all the research I did there was no telling what our babe would like and dislike. The "love to dream" swaddle for example (the wingsuit-looking thing pictured above lol) was something I saw and thought "what are the odds my baby will need that weird-looking swaddle?". Well, then I birthed a baby who can and will wiggle out of any traditional swaddle to have his hands up by his head. SO guess who ordered a baby wingsuit in every size? This mom. 

So below I have compiled a list of the items (in no particular order) that we have used the most in his first month of life + why we love them.

1. Baby Carriers - okay I might have lied about "no particular order" because this child loves to be held and loves to be moving, so baby carriers have been our saving grace. Per usual I could not decide which one I wanted so I have three (over the top, I know) but I am super glad I was able to test a few out and see which one I liked best. I have the Boba Wrap, the Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid, and the Babybjorn Mini. I plan to write a whole blog comparing the three!

2. 4moms mamaRoo - This was gifted to us off of our registry and it is one of the only places he will sleep during the day if not in our arms or a carrier! It is definitely a splurge item but 100% worth it if your babe likes to be moving.

3. Knotted Gowns - As silly as it sounds I wasn't planning to buy any of these once I discovered we were having a boy. But they are a true lifesaver for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. The ones from Lou Lou and Company are my favorite because they are buttery soft and such great quality!

4. Gripe Water - Poor Noah always has a bubbly tummy and hiccups so sometimes this is the only thing that can soothe him!

5. Snuggle Me Organic - This lounger is super helpful for when he does let us put him down. Sleeping or awake we can easily move this with us from room to room throughout the day and have a safe space to set him down while we are doing other things. + the cover because dog hair!

6. Love to Dream Swaddle - I talked about this earlier in the post, Noah loves to sleep with his hands up by his face/head so this is the only swaddle we use right now!

7. AngelCare Baby Bath - Baby boy loves baths so we give him one almost every night just to help him settle down for bed.

8. Vava Night Light - The cutest and most convenient night light to ever exist. We used it in the hospital and now I keep it on my nightstand. You can control the whole thing just by the touch of your hand + it can be wireless.

9. Baby Bum Brush - Just trust me on this one, it makes diaper changes, cleaner and quicker!

10. Muslin Burp Cloths - These decorate every space in our house lately! They are so lightweight and soft. By far our favorite burp cloths.

11. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - We use these swaddle blankets more as a traditional blanket because they're soft and lightweight which is perfect for the weather right now! I have also used them as a nursing cover and they work great because it covers me and baby but it doesn't get too hot underneath.

Mamas, are there any items on this list that you love too?

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