Most Used Baby Items: Months 2 & 3

October 8, 2021

 My baby is three months old. I don't even want to talk about it. Like how is he already so big!? Time is a thief. At the same time watching him learn and grow is the absolute coolest thing. Honestly not too much has changed since I published my Most Used Baby Items: Month 1. In fact we still use everything I listed, but we have added a few things that I wanted to share!

1. Owlet Sock - I am listing this first because WOW I cannot even fathom how I left this off the list in month 1. This might be the most important baby item that we purchased. I am not kidding when I tell you it gives Alec and I such peace of mind. It might have been the only reason we slept those first few weeks. I love technology. 

2. Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Bag - I really struggled to choose a diaper bag. I wanted neutral, but not girly since I had a boy, simple but not ugly, good quality, spacious, easy to clean, and of course something the hubs wouldn't mind carrying. This beautiful bag checks all the boxes. I have it in the light blue color that I don't think is available anymore but the heather grey and storm (navy) color are so pretty too. 

3. BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss - A true life saver. This is what Noah spends a huge portion of his day in. It's so comfortable, easy to move from room to room, I even bring it to work with me when he comes. He is always so content in it and even takes naps in it! We love this thing so much we are thinking we will buy a second one!

4. Transitional Sleep Sacks - Over the last week Noah has began rolling over so we have started putting him in sleep sacks that allow his arms to be free, but still swaddle his mid-section tight. The two we love are the Love To Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag and the Halo Sleepsack 3-way adjustable wearable blanket.

5. Electric Nail File - If you haven't experienced it yet let me be the first to tell you, trimming your baby's nails is a tedious, time consuming, scary task. This nail file makes it so much quicker and easier, and takes out the chance of snipping their little fingers. It works fast, but is so gentle it does not hurt them at all!

6. Sweet Jojo Designs Playmat - With us having two dogs, it was super important to me that we had spaces and items that protect him from the hair all over the floor for as long as possible. This mat is super cute, easy to wash, and gives him a nice clean space to play.

7. Car Seat Toys - Our boy is a pretty chill baby who does not cry much at all *knocks on wood*. BUT he has developed a true hatred for his car seat. Thankfully, he can be easily distracted and as long as he has his toys hanging from the bar, he stays pretty content in his car seat!

8. HelloBaby Monitor - Even though we have the Owlet we wanted a monitor that displayed on a separate screen, rather than our phones, and we love this one!

I know so much is going to start changing in the next few months as he grows and learns even more. I will continue to share our favorite products month by month. What are some products you loved for your 2 and 3 month old baby?

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